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Disk Drill

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for Mac 2.4.414 11/02/15
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  • Mac OS X

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Others: OS X 10.5+
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Versions of Disk Drill

All versions of Disk Drill
Version License Language O.S. Download
Disk Drill for Mac 2.4.414 11/02/15 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X
Disk Drill for Mac 2.0.368 06/12/13 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X
Disk Drill for Mac 2 06/06/13 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X
Disk Drill for Mac 1.8.203 27/05/13 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X
Disk Drill for Mac 1.3.123 15/03/12 Free English
  • Mac OS X

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Excellent free data recovery tool for Mac

Nick Mead

Recent changes

  • A bunch of new file signatures was added to Deep Scan’s database based on your requests, among them: CPR (Cubase Project), CDA (CD Audio Track), AA (Audible Audio), IDML (Adobe InDesign Markup Language File), EPUB (Open eBook File), ENS (REAKTOR Ensemble), INX (InDesign Interchange File), FOS (Fallout 3/NV Saved ame File)
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • Detects damaged or deleted files
  • Can help prevent future accidental deletions or damage
  • Some features missing in free version
Disk Drill locates and recovers deleted files from any mountable media like main drive, external hard disk, memory cards, iPods Classic, etc. Disk Drill can restore photos, music, documents, applications, specific Mac OS X and other file formats. Disk Drill features several data recovery algorithms and works with any mountable disk via USB or FireWire, and even mounted disk images. Disk Drill features 3 scanning and recovery methods: "Undelete from Recovery Vault" - recovers any file or folder exactly as it was before deletion on disks and partitions protected with Recovery Vault. All file types supported, all original properties are recovered, this method is extremely precise. Recovery Vault is totally free premium-class data protection and recovery solution. "Quick Scan" - scans existing journal or file table for deleted items. Requires a working disk or partition. Is very fast, but not precise as not all deleted files still exist in the areas of search Scans existing journal or file table for deleted items. Requires a working disk or partition. Is very fast, but not precise as not all deleted files still exist in the areas of search "Deep Scan" - works on a lower level and analyzes disks as binary entities; it can get your data back based on file signatures, however, original filenames, locations and properties might be unrecoverable. Disk Drill supports all known file systems: HFS, HFS+, FAT16 and FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, EXT4 and actually any other file system, or even disks that were formatted or initialized and currently have no file system on them. If your data is still there and recoverable, Disk Drill will get it back for you. Disk Drill as a data protection tool. Many users find Disk Drill's features for DMG backups extremely useful: save your data by creating a Disk Image (DMG) of any failing disk or partition for further data recovery, so you no longer need the original media. Later on you can mount this Disk Image to your Mac and recover data from it. Have you ever moved something to Trash to realize just moments after emptying it that... it was the only copy? "Guaranteed Recovery" comes to the rescue! Since version 1.5 Disk Drill introduces the much needed "Recently Deleted" feature to your Mac, so you can take your time to recover deleted items even when your Trash is emptied. Totally FREE Recovery Vault protects your data invisibly monitoring all deleted files, their location, size and all properties. Once you need them back, launch Disk Drill, choose your protected drive and click "Undelete from Recovery Vault", all your files are recovered as if they were never deleted. Unlike many Trash Backup solutions Recovery Vault doesn't keep hard copies of deleted files saving your precious hard disk space, still being able to recover any file. Disk Drill can also monitor your ATA, SATA and eSATA disks for hardware failures by polling S.M.A.R.T. status of available hard drives. Disk Drill is built with 64-bit code and completely supports Mac OS 10.7 Lion.

"Use the free version only"

The good news, DD found deleted files on a formatted camera card, a zeroed drive.

The bad news, it has no way to identify a drive, so if you use two drives or more of the same size and kind, DD thinks its the same drive, which causes havoc. The new drive will create a "session" that overwrites the previous "session" and there's no way to stop it or label the drives, meanwhile you lose the files found by the original session. The only way around this is to physically label your drives and use separate computers for similar drives.

The file names assigned are arbitrary, and once restored, the file name is assigned another arbitrary number, so there is no way to tell where the restored file came from.

In my case, I restored 7 files, and somehow they became corrupted.

This brings me to DD support, which is terrible.

When they bother to answer, it is nonsense.

I asked about the corrupted files, sent them one.

Their responses (3 out of 5 emails I sent)

1-Repeat the information I already gave

2-Make them a video of the problem (I am not making this up)

3-Maybe the file is corrupted (really?)

I pay for programs to support good work, and I am really upset I paid for this torture.

  • DD found deleted files on a formatted camera card
  • DD has to identify which drive among similar drives, and assign information in their session about which drive supplied the file
  • Support is simply denial, with a superior attitude

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16 Jul 2014

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