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Recover lost files using this app

Data loss can be an absolute nightmare if you have no backup. Luckily, there are utility applications that can help you get back the files you lost due to formatting, accidental deletion, or system crash. Disk Drill is a data recovery tool that is easy to use and efficient. This program recovers data from external and internal hard drives, memory cards, and just about any media. It also offers other tools, including backups, cleanups, and disk health monitoring. Disk Drill is available for free, but there is a pro version that you can purchase.

Get back what you lost

Disk Drill uses a variety of techniques to find and reconstruct your lost files. As mentioned, this program works on files stored on both external and internal hard drives. This makes the app more useful as it streamlines the recovery process quite a bit. More so, this allows you to use the app for just about all of your recovery needs. 

The process of recovery starts with the app scanning your drives. Disk Drill combines several scanning algorithms, allowing it to read your drives even if it is failing, unreadable, or has a lost partition. With just a click of a button, it will run through all of its scanning functions.

Once the scanning is complete, the app will display a list of recoverable files. You can then use the Preview feature to see which of the scanned files are recoverable in a useable form.  Disk Drill does not only recover the file itself. Using its Recovery Vault, you can also recover file properties, such as the original file name and location.

Scanning and other smart functions

Disk Drill offers two types of scanning, which depends on how the file was lost or how long its been since it was deleted. If you are looking to recover recently deleted files, you can use the Quick Scan. It is the most effective option and can even bring back files with their original file names intact.  The Deep Scan, on the other hand, gives you more options when more time has elapsed since the file was lost. However, as it looks through any disk or memory card, this process takes a lot longer. Its recovery method is longer and more thorough, but it can find deleted files even after formatting. 

As noted, Disk Drill is not just about deleted file recovery. The app also comes packed with useful disk tools that you can use. For one, there is the S.M.A.R.T Disk monitoring feature, which allows you to keep tabs of your disks’ hardware status. Using this, you can get notifications of potential failures or other issues.

You also don’t have to install a separate disk cleaning app to ensure that no unused files hog your free space. Disk Drill comes with a cleaning function that analyzes your disk space and locates unused files.  More so, the app can easily find and remove duplicate files in multiple locations on your drive. 

Furthermore, Disk Drill allows you to create byte-to-byte disk and partition backups for your future Mac OS recovery. Not only that, but you can also create your bootable USB drive to make sure that you have a copy of your recent system. All of the above-mentioned functions are available in the free version, except for the file recovery. For you to get back the files you lost, you need to purchase a license. 

Only works for previews

Disk Drill is a handy tool to have, especially if you are constantly losing important files. The app features an intuitive interface, thorough scanning technology, and some extra helpful tools all for free. However, its main function—which is file recovery—is only available if you pay for the license. The bottom line, you can only use the free version to view previews of the files to determine whether the license for the full program is worth it.  

Recover deleted or lost files on Mac OS X

With Disk Drill data recovery software you'll be able to recover your deleted or lost data the Mac way! This means Disk Drill is the data recovery software designed and created exclusively for Mac OS, it handles Mac file system especially well, and also lets you recover data from other hard drives right from your Mac. Extremely clear wizard-like user interface guides you through the data recovery process and offers several options for successful macintosh data recovery. Was your hard drive formatted? Is your external volume not accessible any more? Disk Drill Mac data recovery software by CleverFiles will help you recover what is still available on a binary level.

Disk Drill Mac data recovery software can easily recover files emptied from trash; recover data from formatted hard drive; recover data from deleted or lost partition; recover deleted files from cameras, iPods, USB flash drives, Kindles, and memory cards.

Disk Drill features unique Recovery Vault technology which helps you protect your data from occasional deletion and other file system errors. Once Disk Drill Mac data recovery software is installed in your Mac OS X you can start protecting data right away, even on external drives that you regularly use. Recovery Vault monitors your file activity and lets you recover deleted files and folders natively on Mac file system and FAT volumes.

Whats new in Disk Drill Mac data recovery software:

Starting with Disk Drill version 2.4, we have added a new feature to help you scan and analyze your disks and folders for real space hogs. It’s a great free module of Disk Drill to clean up your disks and recover your disk space.


  • Works on just about any internal and external drives
  • Multilevel scans
  • Allows you to preview files
  • Comes with other helpful tools


  • Recovery only works with the paid version
  • Constantly runs in the background
  • Unresponsive technical support

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Disk Drill 3.8.975 for Mac

User reviews about Disk Drill

  • M. L.

    by M. L.

    Misleading! Will take your money and provide nothing usable in return. STAY AWAY!

  • M. L.

    by M. L.

    Scam! The program will say most files have been recovered and ask for money to recover all of them. Only after paying $90 will you realMore

  • Jay Luptak

    by Jay Luptak

    Misleading by claiming it is free recovery software. They sucker you in to spending time listing what files it can find, but when you tMore

  • Rik Lubking

    by Rik Lubking

    Misleading advertising, only scans, doesn't recover anything, shows paywall instead. Fake!

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    easy to use.
    very simple. recommend everyone to use. supper fast compare to others.
    Pros: simple to use.
    Cons: not yeMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Gives a false sense of recovery for video files and then disappoints..
    I surely would not buy it again for recovering video filesMore

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